We’re small but make a lot of headway.

We’re a group of specialists working together to provide direction and support for businesses through the choppy internet waters.
Nick Shipilin - captain

Nick Shipilin

Ahoy there, sea-loving folks! We're bursting with joy as we set sail to tell you about our amazing accomplishments and top-notch service. But listen up, mateys, it's not just about the crew—it's our captain who's steering the ship and navigating the fairway!

Our captain is a true veteran in the art of graphic design, with over a decade of experience crafting beautiful prints that'll make your eyes sparkle like a sunlit wave. And that's not all! Since 2013, they've been busy as a mermaid's tail coding countless websites, making the digital world shine like a treasure trove. With their web development and coding degree, they bring an ocean of expertise to our crew, and together, we sail through any project with smooth sailing and a friendly breeze at our backs.

Chef Mate

Tina Shipilin

Avast, me hearties! Got a question about your billing? Or perhaps ye be lookin' to change yer plan? No worries, we be here to bend like the waves and accommodate all yer needs!

With our flexible plans, ye can hop aboard or set sail to new horizons whenever ye please. We're all about makin' ye happy, not keepin' yer vessel tied to our dock. Pick a plan that suits ye like a snug pirate hat, and if ye ever need to adjust as yer needs change, we're ready to navigate those waters with ye. We won't let ye sink, matey!

Fear not the billing, for it be automated like a trusty compass. Ye won't miss a payment, even if yer card be expired. We'll be there, soundin' the call like a ship's horn, to ensure ye stay afloat on this adventurous journey.

Betty Crowder - chief mate
Walter CloudFlare - Lookout

Walter CloudFlare

Avast, fellow seafarers! As we sail through the vast cyber sea, fear not, for we're always on the lookout for danger! Cybersecurity be one of our mighty crowning jewels, with the safety of yer treasures as our topmost priority.

Our crew of cybersecurity engineers be sharp as a harpoon, stayin' ahead of all those modern threats that be lurking in the depths. With their expertise and know-how, they be armed with a shipload of tools to fend off those scurvy hackers and keep yer site safe from any breaches. We be standin' tall, guardin' yer back against threats from both within and without the digital waves.

So rest easy, me mateys, for we be the guardians of yer cyber booty, keepin' it safe and sound as we navigate this treacherous sea of cyber space!


Dim Black

Ahoy there, landlubbers! Get ready to set sail on a coding adventure like no other! Our crew be hands-on, fresh as a sea breeze, and always ready to lend a helping hook. Our coders be the cream of the crop, and our technique be as flawless as a polished seashell.

We've got a crew of highly qualified code engineers and software developers aboard our ship. Whether yer site be in need of a touch of code or a quick fix, we be here to lend a hand. We can craft a custom-coded masterpiece from scratch, or if ye prefer, we can set sail with a pre-purchased theme and plugins of yer choice. We know the ins and outs of this coding treasure map like the back of our hook.

So buckle up and prepare for smooth sailing, me hearties! With our talented crew at the helm, yer site will be shipshape and seaworthy in no time!

Dim Black - Boatswain
Nicolas Bemore - Ship Engineer
Ship Engineer

Nicolas Bemore

Avast, me mateys! When it comes to certain tasks, a hands-on engineer be the key, and it's not just a matter of development—it be all about the hardware!

Fear not, for we have a crew of server-side engineers led by the finest specialists in the seven seas. They be wieldin' their tools with expert precision, makin' 'em sing like a sea shanty. With their skillful hands, they can hoist any sail and propel yer ship forward on its grand journey. From technical requirements to hardware repairs, from performance tweaks to security enhancements, they handle it all like seasoned sailors navigatin' the daily tides.

So sit back, relax, and let our top-notch engineers take care of yer ship's hardware needs. They'll ensure smooth sailin' and keep yer vessel in tip-top shape as ye embark on yer exciting voyage ahead!


Craig Mulder

Ahoy, me hearty! We be listenin' loud and clear, ready to hear ye out and set sail to fulfill yer every request!

Our responsive crew be as swift as dolphins, tendin' to yer needs within 1-2 business days. But hold on tight, for we strive to be even faster, and more often than not, we succeed! When ye give us a call, fear not, for a friendly human be on the other end, ready to lend ye their ear. That be a promise we make, sealed with salty sea air.

So don't hesitate to reach out, me matey! We're here to make yer wishes come true, with a dedicated team that's always eager to listen, assist, and make yer journey smoother than sailin' on a gentle sea breeze!

Craig Mulder - Radioman
Victor Eyebolit - Ship Doctor
Ship Doctor

Victor Eyebolit

Feelin' a bit queasy or under the weather on the digital seas? Fear not, for our trusty ship's doctor knows just the cure!

Just like how ships encounter pesky barnacles and seaweed, many sites can fall victim to viruses and malware. But fret not, for we be skilled in the art of cleanup and fortification. We'll rid yer site of those nasty intruders and set up a sturdy immunity to safeguard against future attacks. Our secret medicine be knowledge, and our cure be the skills we possess.

So put yer worries aside, me hearties! Our crew of digital healers be ready to administer the remedy yer site needs. With their expertise and know-how, they'll bring yer ship back to full health and ensure a smooth, worry-free voyage in the vast digital ocean!


Monty Whey

Ahoy, me shipmates! Brace yourselves, for we possess the power and boast an incredible crew! Our team be ready to conquer any task that comes our way!

With the wind of the latest technology at our backs, we stay fresh and up-to-date, ready to tackle any challenge that befalls yer site. Whether ye be in need of an upgrade to set sail with the latest features or require some maintenance to keep things shipshape, we be right here by yer side, eager to lend a hand. Just give us the word, and ye shall witness the magic unfold as we work our wonders.

So fear not, me mateys, for we've got yer back! No task be too daunting or too small for our skilled crew. Just say the word, and watch as we turn yer requests into reality, leaving ye in awe of the seamless transformation we bring to yer digital voyage!

Monty Whey - Sailor
Ronnie Roper - Head Chef of Food Design
Head Chef of Food Design

Ronnie Roper

Ahoy, adventurers of the digital realm! Just as no ocean be fully studied and no iceberg completely visible, rest assured that our ship's mast be equipped with a special basket—a design visionary! With a sharp scope and an unwavering focus on the horizon, we bring forth designs that transcend time itself.

We don't just follow trends, me hearties—we set 'em! Our designs be ahead of their time, pushing the boundaries of beauty, functionality, expandability, and user-friendliness. We place the utmost importance on crafting websites that not only stand out from the crowd but also function flawlessly. The ultimate goal of our designers be to create an unparalleled user experience, one that'll have yer visitors hoisting the anchor and settin' sail through yer site with joy in their hearts.

So prepare to raise the sails of innovation and embark on a digital journey like no other! With our design maestros at the helm, yer site will shine brighter than the sun reflecting off the ocean waves, leaving a lasting impression that'll make waves in the vast expanse of the digital seascape!