how much does it cost to build wordpress site

How Much Does It Cost to Build a WordPress Website?

Building a website with WordPress offers a world of possibilities, but many people wonder about the costs involved. While the WordPress software itself is free, creating a fully functional website requires a few essential components, some of which come with a price tag. In this article, we’ll explore the key elements and costs associated with building a WordPress website.

Domain Name

A domain name is your website’s address on the internet (e.g., It usually costs around $12 to $20 per year, depending on the domain registrar.

WordPress Hosting

To make your website accessible on the internet, you’ll need a web hosting account. Hosting plans vary in price, and for a basic shared hosting account, you can expect to pay around $250 per year.


WordPress offers a wide range of free website templates, known as themes. While these are suitable for many websites, you may opt for a premium theme or a custom design, which can range from $50 to a few hundred dollars.


For most WordPress users, extensive programming knowledge is not necessary. However, if you require custom functionality or advanced features, you may need to hire a developer, which can cost several hundred dollars or more, depending on the complexity of the task.

Plugins and Extensions

Plugins are additional software modules that add specific features to your website. There are thousands of free plugins available, but premium plugins with more advanced functionalities typically range from $20 to $200.

Considering these costs, the total expense for building a WordPress website can vary significantly. For a basic website with shared hosting, a free theme, and essential plugins, you can expect to spend around $250 per year. However, as your website grows and requires more advanced features, the expenses can increase.

It’s important to assess your website’s needs and budget accordingly. If you’re looking to minimize costs while still delivering an excellent user experience, investing in WordPress training can be highly beneficial. Numerous online tutorials, blogs, and forums can provide valuable insights and help you gain the necessary knowledge to run your WordPress site efficiently.

Few Numbers to Consider

Ultimately, the cost of building a WordPress website can range from $250 to $1500 a year. Custom sites built by professionals you can expect to invest from $3000-5000, or even higher, depending on the complexity and specific requirements of your project.

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