To Trust or Not to Trust - that is the question

Trusting Professionals with Access to Your Website Assets: Finding the Right Balance

Maintaining control and security over your digital assets is undoubtedly important. However, working with professionals who lack the trust and understanding required to modify your website can be a frustrating experience. In this article, we’ll explore the delicate balance of granting access to professionals and understanding the necessary levels of access for specific tasks. It’s crucial to find the right balance between safeguarding your assets and enabling efficient execution of the tasks you’ve hired professionals for.

Adding or Changing DNS Records

Tasks like changing email hosts or adding DNS records for spam prevention often require access to your domain, CloudFlare (or similar services), and potentially your website hosting if DNS management is involved. If you are certain about who has control over your DNS, granting them access is essential. However, if you’re unsure, trusting the professional you’ve hired is crucial. Once the changes are complete, consider changing passwords to maintain future security.

Marketing and SEO Experts

Marketing professionals not only conduct research and write content but also rely on specific tools to optimize your website’s performance. They may require access to install preferred widgets or plugins that enhance marketing efforts. Similarly, SEO firms may need to add or modify plugins to improve your website’s visibility. Openly discuss the access they need and grant them the necessary permissions. Remember, they are entrusted with representing your website, so providing sufficient access is crucial for their success in improving your online presence.

Separate Personal and Business Assets

To maintain security and control, it’s advisable to keep personal and business assets separate. Create separate accounts for business-related services like Google Analytics or reCaptcha instead of using personal accounts. This ensures that when sharing access with professionals, you have better control and can limit their access to only the necessary business-related assets.

Web Developers

Building Trust Experienced web developers often require a high level of trust as they handle critical aspects of your website, such as payment gateways and integrations. Trust them like you would trust a doctor. While it’s natural to be cautious and maintain control over your digital assets, be prepared to grant access, revoke it when the job is complete, and provide the necessary support during the development process. Building trust with your web developer is essential for a successful website project.

Changing Passwords is EASY

When the trusted professionals have completed the task requested – it’s a good idea to change the passwords all around for peace of mind both yours and their own. After all, if you have revoked their access – you know they have no way to roll back any of their work, do anything malicious or accidentally login to your account while trying to change their next client’s code in a similar situation. Keep in mind, they are probably doing a job just like yours every day… How is it easy, you might ask? Using a password manager that generates, stores and auto-fills your passwords is the solution.

To Sum It Up

Trusting professionals with access to your website assets is a delicate balance between safeguarding your digital assets and allowing them the necessary access to perform their tasks efficiently. By finding the right balance and understanding the levels of access required for each task, you can foster productive collaborations and achieve your website goals. Remember, trust should be earned and based on a careful evaluation of their expertise and reputation in the field.

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